At what ISO do the RAW noise reduction kick in on mk II?

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Re: At what ISO do the RAW noise reduction kick in on mk II?

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I guess raw shooters (which I assume will be the majority on a camera like this) have nothing to worry about.

Note sure what you mean here if it's regarding the Mark II.
Raw shooters might be concerned about the strong noise reduction above ISO 500.
But some of them could take advantage of the ISO In-variance and stick to ISO 500 and below.

Exactly: If a MK2 owner do not like the build-in NR, stick to a lower ISO, underexpose, and do the processing afterwards - then you will get the same performance as MK1.

And JPEG shooters will get some noise reduction, probably with some loss in sharpness; but perhaps not more than the compression gives anyway.

JPEG compression might have an effect on sharpness but has no real effect on noise.

What I meant was: Given that compression will sacrifice some detail anyway ,

Detail lost, if any, to JPEG compression is minimal compared to the smoothing effect of noise reduction.

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