Fujifilm 27mm pancake - a lens worth having?

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Re: Fujifilm 27mm pancake - a lens worth having?

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image quality is good from this lens. I think AF speed will depend on the camera body its used on. I have used it on a X-pro1 with the latest firmware. AF speed is good, not great. Its a nice small lens. Is it worth US$450?. In my opinion, no. Maybe $250. People might hate me for saying that, but I really believe its overpriced. Getting a used one cheaper, might be a better option.

+1 on this - It contains very little glass, so the MSRP is eye-opening. I had one, and liked the convenient form factor, but missed an aperture ring and didn't particularly like the focal length or images it produced... I sold it at a profit and replaced it with the 23/f2 and 35/f2 - Much happier with these lenses because they're so much snappier and brighter. People that like that sort of thing, really like that sort of thing though, so I'm glad Fuji offers a range of options. Seemed more like and XC lens than an XF though...

Just a tad patronizing BryceM ?

And if I can return the favor....aperture rings have nothing to do with image output...so if fiddling with a lens is important then go for something 4x more expensive.

And of course preferred focal lengths are entirely personal.....I must be weird but I don't mind 27mm.

Not intentionally so - I recognize that Fuji needs to make and sell lots of stuff I'm not particularly interested in in order to maintain the ability to continue delivering the stuff I am passionately interested in. If they were to make only products that appealed to me, they'd either die or "Leicate" themselves into irrelevance over time because there aren't enough of me to constitute a viable customer base. They know their business and I don't care to armchair quarterback their strategy as long as my X-T2 keeps being awesome and there's an appealing X-mount alternative when it's ready to retire.

I must remember this - "Leicate". That has to become a standard business term to describe the phenomenon you're referring to. It's perfect.

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