Was thinking of selling/swapping my a99 II for a7R II

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Re: DPR review comment a99 II for a7R II

OpticsEngineer wrote:

From the conclusions tab on the dpreview of the A99II

"To this reviewer, the a99 II ends up feeling like a more usable a7R II. For me, the a7R II represented a ton of processing power made frustrating by simple usability issues. The a99 II removes what frustrated me about the a7R II and has allowed me truly appreciate that wonderful sensor. This is the camera that makes giving SLT and the Alpha mount worth another look."

In another section of the review, if I remember correctly, there was the comment that the A99II was what the A7RII should have been.

I have both and pretty much agree with the reviewers sentiments.

I believe the OP made a title error....should have read - "Was thinking of selling/swapping my 'spouse' for a7R II ...

-Martin P


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