555 in Spain..... later octuber... earlier November

Started Sep 18, 2003 | Discussions thread
tapaninyc Contributing Member • Posts: 903
Re: 555 in Spain..... later octuber... earlier November

in some places i've seen the 555 at 720 € and more!!!!

720 Eur = US$ 800!!

I'd expect the street price in NY to be about $500 soon. Maybe you should take trip to New York

I know there are some stores (B&H and many more) that ship internationally. If that is an option, check what the real cost will add up to (shipping, you also may have to pay duty in your country).

BTW. check out the prices for asseccories - SD cards etc. They sell for about 3 times the US price in the parts of europe I've been to!!!
so... If any of you is coming over, don't forget to shop.

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