Why are tripod collars so expensive?

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Re: A few cents?

Leonard Migliore wrote:

Big Stick wrote:

I'm seeing very low prices on some collars on ebay, but perhaps they are all compromises of a sort:

Wow. Those are some scary low prices. I can't believe that they're any good. Of, course, it doesn't cost much to buy one and see.

the concept of tapping threads into a piece of "C" shaped metal isn't rocket science, but the guys who make low production, specialized items like this under a name brand charge a fortune for their labor. The cheap ones don't look as high quality as the name brand, but they probably work OK.

Twenty years ago I bought a new touring motorcycle and wanted a rectangular luggage rack to mount on the back. The "name brand" versions were $200, black anodized aluminum, and had fancy CNC cutouts to attach bungee cords, etc. I went to the local metal supply, bought a $2 remnant piece of 1/8" aluminum, cut it to shape, drilled a few holes for bungee attachment, painted it black, and bolted it on. With an item or two attached you couldn't tell the difference from the $200 one, and since I removed it when I wasn't out touring I didn't care what it looked like with nothing on it.

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