Looking for light hiking backpack suggestions

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Re: Looking for light hiking backpack suggestions

bkjones88 wrote:

As the title says, I'm looking for backpack recommendations for my DSLR (a D3400 that usually has a Sigma 17-50 on it). I like to do day hikes on the weekends and need a backpack to match. I'm currently using a single strap sling pack, but when fully loaded with a camera, two lenses, and a tripod, it's not very comfortable for any appreciable amount of time. Plus, there's no additional room for things like water, food, etc. It's good for around town without the tripod, but I think it's time to step it up for hiking.

Here's my main "wish list" of features:

1) relatively compact, but with room for my camera, a few lenses, miscellaneous small accessories PLUS some additional space for water bottles, snacks/food, etc.

2) tripod holder

3) relatively inexpensive - I'm an amateur photographer and casual day hiker; don't need to spend more than my camera is worth on a hardcore backpack. I understand there will be trade offs with a cheaper option.

4) I'm potentially traveling to and around Ireland for about a week, so something I could easily carry onto an airplane would be ideal.

I'd suggest the Clik Elite Probody Sport. Room for a camera with attached lens, plus another lens. Camera available from the side (pull one arm out, let the pack swing around) OK mounting for up to medium tripod. Additional room for a jacket and some other stuff. Lots of pouches/pockets, and the bottom zips open exposing an area got camera accessories. Halfway decent waist belt. Fastex style buckles (female side) on shoulder straps and waist belt so you can chest-mount a small downloading camera bag. Hydration bladder sleeve with drain (in case of a leak).

Pretty nice for day hikes. Way too small for overnight hikes - no internal frame, no load lifters. If you attach the chest pack, it's a lot harder to swing the pack around to get side access - but you don't need to as your camera's right there in front of you.

The major issue is that Clik has closed its doors so you'd have to look in eBay, etc.  The chest pack was sold separately. I picked one up for cheap as I already had another Clik pack, thought I'd get one for day hikes as well. A secondary issue is that it's a medium length bag, and doesn't really fit me that well (waistbelt a bit too high for my torso length). I've loaned it to a friend who's touring the national parks. It fits him perfectly - he's about 5'10" or 11". There isn't a direct relationship between height and torso length, but he's about average proportion.

I'm not sure why Clik went out of business - but it wasn't because they didn't make high quality gear.

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