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Re: Federal Government Has Interstate Jurisdiction

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This will hurt the small sellers from small states.

Now they have to either reduce their profit margin to compete or fudge their books tax time.

The big winner here is Amazon.

Not yet.

I believe that the issue of burden now needs to be addressed, eg putting undue burden on small businesses. At this point, I think its all being thrown back at Congress to come up wih something workable. I believe even the case at the Supreme Court had burden on small businesses taken into account with a $100k limit.

Frankly, it was only a matter of time as we have been running a system of tax free juristrictions stacked against bricks and mortar businesses.

The Supreme Court ruled that South Dakota can collect these taxes. This is an individual state issue on if and how they will implement it,

You don't understand. It then means other states will have the same right, and rightly so.

Agreed, I've stated this in another thread.

congress at the federal level can't regulate the individual states, cities, counties, municipalities. This will get very messy and might be a precursor to a federal VAT system.

The federal government can certainly regulate interstate activity.

Which they don't do concerning taxes today, witness the differences in various state and local sales taxes. I don't see the federal government stepping into this quagmire anytime soon. I do see the local governments individually taking the lead as it's in their best interests to do so.

What there should be is a federal tax on Internet transactions designed to once again make brick and mortar stores viable and thriving. That should have been implemented long before so many stores and companies and malls when out of business! It's not too late to bring them back! America would be much better off!

This may bring us one step closer to a national VAT-type system, also a quagmire and political hot potato. Saving a few percent on sales tax did not bring about the collapse of shopping malls and small, local stores. I don't see how removing this difference will by itself bring about a rebirth of malls and local shops.

I wasn't talking about a VAT tax, just a tax on Internet transactions with the purpose being removing the unfair adavanatge that online business have in order to brink back local stores, malls, and jobs!

Pointing to sales tax as the demise of malls & local businesses is grossly oversimplifying what has happened to the retail market.

What caused the demise of a healthy retail market were two conditions. First was allowing stores like Walmart to expand unchecked

Should the federal or state governments decide what businesses will be permitted, their locations, what products they sell, at what prices and their maximum sizes?

, and second, allowing online stores to have an unfair advantage.

What unfair advantages do online businesses have?

That's it. Laws governing expansion and taxing on online businesses that would allow for an even playing field is what was needed to save what was once a thriving and healthy retail market that brought many benefits to communities.

What would these laws look like?


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