US Supreme court decision on online sales tax

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Re: There Should Also Be an Internet Tax!

Mark B. wrote:

PhilDunn wrote:

scrup wrote:

This will hurt the small sellers from small states.

Now they have to either reduce their profit margin to compete or fudge their books tax time.

The big winner here is Amazon.

Which is why on top of this there should be an Internet Tax for any business done online that would once again make viable and thriving brick and mortar stores, shopping centers, malls, and revive and bring jobs to many small towns and cities across America. That's what should have been done from the beginning. So much damage has occurred because America didn't do that.

Won't happen, and makes little sense IMO. Anyone that accesses the internet is already paying for it somehow, unless you sponge off of the company you work for and use it at work AND you don't have a smartphone. Otherwise, we're already paying for internet access. In fact, there are taxes added to the basic charges on my internet bill. So no, do not add taxes to something I'm already being taxed on.

What you pay for Internet access has no relevance to such a tax designed to encourage and support brick and mortar stores. Such a tax would apply to all online transactions, not how much you pay for Internet access.

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