The big missed billions opportunity of RX100VI, a gain for G7XIII

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The big missed billions opportunity of RX100VI, a gain for G7XIII

The recent announcement of RX100VI shows a huge missed opportunity for Sony, there are already plenty of mixed reviews about the recent "upgrade" and generally video content creators dislike it because of the lack of mic input. A small but yet essential input for thousands if not millions of video content creators from different platforms including youtube, twitch and igtv.

The smartphones nowadays are so good (Pixel 2/ S9+/ P20Pro / iPhone X) that there are fewer and fewer consumers gonna buy the G7XIII just for the stills alone. The new battle is the video capability of the compact camera where smartphones really lack of because of developing and conflicts of bezel less display and front facing cameras. The rear cameras can take amazing pictures even at night but not so much for videos.

There are a few things gonna skyrocket the sales of G7XIII :


2. Mic input

3. 1080p 120fps / 240fps

4. Higher bitrate of video footages

5. Faster lenses for better low light performances

6. Image stabilizations

7. 4K

8. Fixing dust issues of lens

What shines the most of G7XII in video is the color science and low light of the camera and Canon probably should consider maintain and improve in these two areas further. Billions of revenue will be expected in the coming generation.

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