Tamron: Provide News on 28-75mm f/2.8 Firmware Fix Now

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Tamron: Provide News on 28-75mm f/2.8 Firmware Fix Now

Many of us here were first purchasers of the new Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 for Sony E-mount. Not everyone has been in a situation to experience the focus problems, but we are all still concerned and want this addressed.

Those who received the lens when it was first released are nearing the time when the return policy limit for the lens is quickly approaching.  Tamron needs to update us immediately to prevent a large number of (possibly unnecessary) returns.

Tamron, please give us concrete information of what you have found:
1. Did you find that the fix may truly be addressed through firmware alone?
2. Have you found that it may not be firmware related, and may require a hardware fix or repair instead?
3. What is the exact timeframe for any fix, now that 3 weeks have already transpired?

Without these answers right away, I have no choice but to return my 2 new Tamron 28-75mm lenses, and I suspect that there are many others who do not want to risk keeping theirs.

Tamron needs to update us of their progress now. If this is fixed right away, no harm has been done. This could become an ordeal to first purchasers (if firmware fix doesn't fix, or if a return to Tamron for repair is required, or the lens has to be recalled). In any of these cases, the usability and longevity of the lens - and eventual resale value- will be severely negatively impacted.

I am surely not the only Tamron customer seriously considering returning 28-75mm lenses within the next few days.  Every moment now becomes crucial!

Please, Tamron, you must just let us know, clearly and right now:
Have you found the source of the problem? What IS the actual fix? And exactly when is it coming?

... really need to know.

...right now.


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