Good Thing I ordered my 50-140 today!

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Truman Prevatt
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Good Thing I ordered my 50-140 today!

Today the US Supreme Court rules states can force internet retailers with no facilities in their state to collect sales tax.  B&H - proudly advertise that no sales taxes for any state other than NY or NJ.  That is ending.  Today - that game has changed.

Amazon seems to be the big winner since they collect sales taxes in almost all states.  The losers seem to be the Internet camera outlets.

But my 50-140 is on its way long before Florida can pass the law and trust me that will be top on their list next session.

As far as the 50-140, I'm headed out to Jackson Hole for 7 days of my morning filled up with seeing that wonderful country on horseback and two days devoted to fly fishing with a friend.  Of course I am going to take my camera but I wanted a lens with a bit more reach. than what I have (90 f2).   I obsessed a bit - asked our wildlife/birders here.

I came to the conclusion that I don't take pictures of birds nor am I going to spend the hours it takes to lay in wait for wildlife. I also did not want to blow 2K for a lens I would use only once and never again - the 100 to 400.  It may be a great lens but it is also a highly specialized lens.  I tried them both out at my local store.  I thank everyone that provided their input but what it comes down to is the 100-400 would sit in my closet - never to be used again.

I finally decided on the 50-140 f2.8 with a 2X convertor (in case I need more reach).  I can also use that lens at the track and other places so it won't be blow 2 K never to use it again.

Since my local store had sold out their stock and the sale ends Saturday - I just order it from B&H.   Maybe the last time I order from B&H with no Florida taxes.

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