Get sharp, all-in-focus image (particularly in foodography)

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Get sharp, all-in-focus image (particularly in foodography)

I’m an amateur photographer yet have been shooting for some time. I also like to read the online material and research but I’m still far from consider myself as a skilled photographer.

Often, my goal is to take crisp-sharp images where the entire image is in focus.
Let’s assume for the sake of the discussion that my subject is a food dish but the question can be easily to any type of shooting.


I understand that NOT every element in the dish is at the same focal plane so I increase my aperture to f/16. I know I lose sharpness at this aperture.

35mm, f/16, 50 ISO, 6 sec

CENTER - sharp!

TOP RIGHT - lose some sharpness.

BOTTOM LEFT - Awful! Not what I wanted.


My image is not sharp across the frame and it frustrates me. I know I’m naive expecting to simply set the aperture to f/16 and get sharp image – therefor help is needed


  1. At this particular scenario, is f/16 the right choice?
  2. Where should I focus?
  3. What focus area setting (wide, zone, etc.) should I use? default: wide.
  4. What metering mode (center, multi, etc.) should I use? default: multi.
  5. Is it better to shot several images at the sharpest aperture, say f/8, at different focus points and use focus stacking? Is it an overkill?
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