At what ISO do the RAW noise reduction kick in on mk II?

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sfa1966 wrote:

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Maybe I have seen it, but I cannot remember.

Does anyone know at what ISO do the RAW noise reduction kick in?

It never kicks; it gently smooths out some noise

Bill Claff says ISO 640, IIRC.


Bill is often reliable.

If it had kicked in at ISO 6400, I would not have cared.

Then it would have been a non issue.

But I often use both 800 and 1600 and I do not want any. At least not one I cannot turn off.

I have an uneasy feeling that K-1 also do noise reduction, but of a less aggressive kind. And this noise reduction is removed from the mk II, so you cannot turn the new noise reduction off. Might be wrong, but why not?

As I understand things, the samples used in the cited report were NOT created by the author and their set-up/settings are considered suspect by many. So, as the cliche goes "Garbage in..." might mean "Garbage..."

I've been using Pentax digital cameras since 2004; the K-1 since May 2016 followed by the K-1 MkII on April 20, 2018.

My preferred subjects are lifestyle (people, street, etc.), nature (prey size animals, hunting dogs, insects, butterflies, birds, etc) and action (those subjects in motion). I try to shoot every day. When on an outing, I attempt to explore the creative expression offered by the camera at hand... NOT test its limits.

For me, the MkII produces more keepers via increased dynamic range, truer colors, snappier and more accurate AF, than the K-1. As to post-processing, I use LR CC Classic, PS CC, and NIK. I like to work fast and reject any candidate image that might take more than 5 minutes.  As a practical matter, for me, the reported in-camera NR is simply a distinction without a difference. Quite simply, MkII images (fw 1.02) are easier to fine tune and produce pleasing results than images produced by the K-1 (fw 1.43).

If better is better, for my purposes, I find the K-1 MkII a worthy step up.

Just sayin'... M

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