XT-2 - Kids - AF - Blurry pictures - I've found a solution

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XT-2 - Kids - AF - Blurry pictures - I've found a solution

Hi Folks,

Since I've bought the XT-2 on 2016 I went through all state of frustrations/happiness...

Sometimes, 3 times on 10, I was amazed by the quality of the photos but most of the time frustrated.... another picture that I've missed, the photo is blurry, with noise, etc etc damn AF on FUJI!

I noticed a real improvement with the AF with the three last firmware and now I'm with the 4.1

I've hesitated severall time to go back to nikon, but I love the XT-2. The controls on the camera, the size, the feeling... but I must admit that until last week I found the XT-2 not reliable.

I've tried to use the AF-C to shoot my kids... but since the begining the pictures wasn't perfect... good but not sharp enough for portraits.

BUT thanks to this post https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/61212171 I finally found the perfect solution.

I've set a button (in front of the camera) for "AF-ON" fonction. I've removed the AF-on on the shutter button only for AF-C. Then I choose a single point (not a zone) and I leave my finger on the af-on button... always... and then I press the shutter.

On 10 photos, I've got 10 perfect photos.

So I finally got a setup that I can count on it.

For my test I've used the 56 1.2 that is not knows for a fast AF... but with this setup, it works like a charm.

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