Was thinking of selling/swapping my a99 II for a7R II

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Wow, wasn't expecting this

I received the Sigma (24-105, art) lens early. Wasn't supposed to be to me till Friday..!

Part of the lens purchase deal was the Sigma "Dock" tool.

Not sure I'll need it. Sitting here at my computer, I snapped a quick shot at an old poster on the wall, above the door. The small writing is clearer/sharper than any I can offhand remember. I'm sure I've seen as detailed (I use this poster a lot..!) with other cameras/lenses, but this is MUCH nicer than the Minolta, which isn't really THAT bad..!

While I shouldn't be spending this kinda money (newly retired), I'm glad I did.


P.s. - I'll know better this weekend.  I'll compare picture detail if I can find similar zoom distances to look at.

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