Lonely Speck's K-1 II astrophotography review

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Re: Lonely Speck's K-1 II astrophotography review

Rishi Sanyal wrote:

BarneyL wrote:


"On its own, the K-1 Mark II impressed us tremendously with its plethora of features, low price, excellent image quality and unique quality-of-life features that directly benefit landscape and astrophotography. (4.5/5 – Highly Recommended)"

Ian recently updated his review, writing:

"However, the [noise reduction] issue does create that bizarre non-random grid pattern that’s visible under magnification. Astrophotographers hoping to stack multiple exposures should approach the K-1 Mark II with consideration of this issue and understand that the K-1 Mark II is not as good of a choice versus its older and cheaper predecessor, the original K-1.

I agree with DPReview’s assessment and I wish that manufacturers would stop trying to apply noise reducing techniques to RAW files.


Knowing that the original K-1 shares nearly all of the same features that I love about the K-1 Mark II, but doesn’t have baked-in noise reduction, the original K-1 is a better deal than the Mark II version."

Updated Verdict: 4/5

2nd Update [06.20]: While the cross-hatching visible as small horizontal and vertical false detail is still visible in individual shots and stacks of fewer total # of shots, the low frequency grid pattern may have been a result of some other processing artifact.

I'm taking a look at the Raws currently, and will report back with any updates here. Some grid-like patterns persist in a 2-image stack, but its higher frequency so, arguably, slightly less distracting than the low frequency grid initially visualized.


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