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Re: Safter choice for travel in South America?

donsalvadori wrote:

1. experience shooting high quality shots in developing nations

2. I really don't appreciate the amount of putting down blanketly South America on here, especially given the recent abhorrent context in USA. There are many wonderful people down there just as there are many wonderful people in Chicago, that doesn't mean it isn't dangerous in some areas as a tourist however. I didn't ask for your opinions about my travels, I asked how to optimize my success shooting photos while in the reality of the situation.

I agree with anywhere can be friendly and or dangerous, one just needs to travel with an awareness of your surroundings. That being said I have traveled with both the "big Pro" camera and the more subtle P&S. I would say the biggest advantage of the high quality P&S is the ability to be noticed far less than with the "Pro" style camera. I was in a small fishing town in Chile once shooting at a outdoor fish market with a Canon Pro DSLR. As I walked along I could hear people in spanish talking about the guy with the big camera was coming. Now grant you I look like Santa on vacation many times but this time camera comments were very obvious. I was not worried about anybody stealing it, but it changed what could been some candid images into a street portrait session. It all depends on how you like to shoot.

I have had photo equipment stolen twice in over 40 years once in an obscure rain forest park parking lot in Australia and once in the Madrid airport rental car parking lot, neither was what i would consider a dangerous location. Both times I was careless with my stuff, keep it close at hand and usually everything will be fine.

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