Is this the slow death of travel/portrait/model photography?

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Re: Is this the slow death of travel/portrait/model photography?

hoakin1981 wrote:

Recently a friend showed me his IG account and by spending perhaps 10 minutes browsing through the general feed i have to admit i was shocked.

The recipe seems to be so simple and yet so effective that it is almost ridiculous.

Take one beautiful young woman, make sure she wears (in most cases) not too many clothes (the less the better), put her in a nice scenic/interesting/exotic location, have her take a fake spontaneous/sensual pose, take the shot, do some basic PP and voila!

Eventually, if you don't do anything stupid and you stick to the above recipe you will have tens of thousands of "followers" and at some point with some luck you will be traveling most probably full time for free just by adding a few specific "hashtags" on every post you make.

Is the above incorrect? Am i oversimplifying things? Perhaps, but i think that is the basic idea behind the thousands of such accounts on Instagram.

Is this just an envy-caused rant? yes and no, because even though i admit i would love to spend my life traveling to exotic locations that normally i would never be able to afford, i value other things in life more, like having good health both me and the people i love regardless of how cliche that sounds.

So why am i saying all this? Because for some reason i personally find it very aggravating.

And to make the subject more dpreview oriented, what gets me the most is how much almost all such photos look the same! The model changes but i could swear the same photographer is behind the camera/phone/action camera or whatever.

I still believe that if social media in general are to be blamed for the demise of true human relationships/connections then such platforms are slowly killing the art of travel and/or model photography.

Thank you for taking the time to rant.

Even if you are mistaken it is only a matter of time. This is not limited to travel and such. This is the future of photography and, in the present, it is undermining professional (well-paying)  work. It is a better mousetrap.

The other challenge is that this sort of  imaging starts to create an acceptable standard for the masses.

As a curiosity I wonder at measures of quality. Those of us highly trained, or long-experienced, see very differently in a global, immediate sense. At a more granular level we attend to details that few people even know exist. Further, our aesthetic is more highly developed.

All that said, the customer may internalize the acceptable standard now developing. Our level of skill may not  be valued.

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