Polar alignment of Star Adventurer

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Again ? Neither the Star Adventurer or SkyTracker are "capable" of carrying a 200mm lens reliably, except for very short exposures.

If you really want to try and shoot a 200mm lens on a cheap tracker, this is the best .
But you'll still need a an autoguider.

At 200 mm, you need to step up to an AstroTrac or LighTrack if you want consistent results with a simple "camera tracker"

I am surprised that a mount like SmartEQ Pro+ is not that expensive. I looked up briefly but I see quite negative reviews and that it needs modifications to be usable...

I see that tracker comes with what looks like a steady tripod. The SA doesn't, and yes you will need a very heavy tripod or you will get a lot of vibration. Vibrations will ruin shots. A standard photography tripod just isn't heavy enough. You need to spend another $300+ to get a heavy tripod if you go with the SA.

As SWT states, don't expect good results on heavier and longer lenses. I've used my Canon 400mm a few times, and even though it is a fairly lightweight lens, I still get very few keepers even at 30 seconds. I probably only get 20% keepers at 30 sec, and that percentage goes down as I increase the shutter length. The SA works well at about 100mm and shorter (wider). Again, I wish I had spent more money to purchase a more robust tracker.

20% keepers sound very low... Thank you for sharing your experience, I appreciate it.

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