Legacy Lenses for Micro Four Thirds

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Re: Legacy Lenses for Micro Four Thirds

Francis E wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Furthermore I am in full agreement that it is not whether they are better or even more economical - it is the pleasure given from the effort of using them.

I haven't read through this thread, so the point I'm making may be covered. I have an EM-5 as well as a Sony A7, with adapters on both for Pentax K, Leica R and Nikon F. For example, a Nikkor 135/2 DC is 135mm on the A7 and 270mm on the EM-5. I think MFT lenses are best for MFT, and legacy glass works best on Sony. Wide angle legacy glass is also very problematic on MFT.

There is indeed - for me - a sweet spot for legacy lenses on µ4/3; I would set it between 35 to 100mm while a lot of birders favor good large aperture teles of up to 300mm. My sole remaining tele from the Rokkor days is a 200mm F4.5. Nice, compact and relatively light on my old SRTs, it becomes a F9 400mm manual focus lens on my GX8... A quick "normal" lens is perhaps in the centre of that sweet spot, for example my Rokkor 58mm F1.4 becomes a great 116mm F2.8 portrait lens.

I do agree with Terry that there is a certain distinctive quality to the images you get from legacy lenses which has to do as much with the time you have to take to frame and focus than with the 40 year old optical design.

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