Some thoughts after using my new-old-stock SD1m

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Some thoughts after using my new-old-stock SD1m

A few personal subjective impression after using this caemra for a few weeks.

The ergo is not so good. My middle finger sores when holding the camera for 30mins. The notch there is too squarish.

The AF is pretty bad. I can shoot a wide angle at this instant and zoom in for a tighter shot immediately, the AF can sometimes stalled for more than 1 sec before kicking in any response. Also tends to hunt off focus at times. The 17-50/2.8 and 50-150/2.8mk2 tends to behave like that, less so for the 30mm ART prime.

The limited DR can be seen as I'm also shooting Sony A7r. When it works properly, it is pretty good. Metering is also terrible. Many shots were overexposed, EV was at 0, center weighted mode.

Nevertheless, some pics are on order of course

Looks messy but somehow I like it. Starring at it can be quite mesmerizing.

Nice Decor

The back was burnt but recoverable. The X3 sensor is not too bad.

I have a strange encounter with a file write corruption. Straight from OOC jpeg:

Is this a sign something is going to spoil soon?

Somehow lucky star was shining upon me that day and the RAW file is fine.

I like how the X3 sensor renders the soft fine feathers at the rear.

Saw a bird up on a tree high up. The leaves canopy created a very dark environment providing shade for the bird. The image was very dark but was pleasantly surprised that the RAW file allows me to recover quite a lot of details.

The 50-150mm is not long enough for this shot. It is heavily cropped.

There's also a fat monitor lizard. I guess this park has lots of small animals as food.

The last pic is actually quite shocking to me. I found that certain hues of red cannot be rendered correctly by the X3 sensor. The hue will turn orange, and no matter how I try recovering it on SPP, it's a no go. Kind of disappointed with the camera in this aspect.

I like the cozy feel of this but look at the lights. The top right with the deep reds is the correct hue, but the rest of the lights look orange. Interestingly the seats color is totally unaffected.

Overall, the X3 sensor is not as bad as I thought. Only issue is the color red rendering. ISO400 is very usable. Very dark areas can be lifted quite a lot. Finally the slowness of this SD1m is REALLY not for everyone. The write speed is very very slow. The buffer is small, like 6 frames only. The AF is from year 1999. Metering unreliable. There's one thing commendable though, the shutter is very quiet and well damped. Built in flash is handy at times.

There you have it. Sigma is many many years behind competition in many areas. If they are serious, they need to poach some top guys from competitors to revamp the camera line up. I do hope the X3 can be further researched on and refined, it is pretty good for what it can deliver. I can dream of having a new X3 mirrorless camera with 4K video

Click on original size for the full monty.

Sigma SD1 Merrill Sony a7R
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