Windows Laptop vs MacBook Pro

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Display and color gamut should be last concern

rainydiary wrote:

Hi all

If compare Windows laptop vs MacBook which one was best for photo editing in Lightroom ?

Recently there are some of windows laptop have 4k display and also have above 100% sRGB color gamut but does the color really accurate ?


Main thing between the 2 system is the OS. Which you prefer?

The recent macOS Mojave has OpenCL and OpenGL crippled, apple going full Metal. You might want to research further if that impacts on the performance of LR and other imaging software. No news on Davinci Resolve if BlackMagic will recompile or recode their software to run on Metal either.

The next concern, for me at least, is the new mac laptops have soldered drives. Means when the laptop dies, you can't take out the SSD to reuse. I personally keep the drives from my old laptops and trash the rest.

High quality displays can be found on many brands and models these days. If accuracy is important to you, investing in a high end color calibrator is most recommended. You can use it to calibrate desktop monitors as well and/or a 2nd or 3rd monitor connected to the laptop.

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