Got an E-M1.1 for $200, compared to my E-M10.2....

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Got an E-M1.1 for $200, compared to my E-M10.2....

Picked up a minty, used E-M1.1 w/grip for a steal recently and have been testing it against the E-M10.2 I normally keep around.


The control wheels on the E-M10.2 are more responsive. I don't know if it's because it's slightly newer, or that the processor is doing less work, but I can change settings faster on the 10.2 than I can the 1.1. When changing ISO or aperture with the control wheels, it seems to miss a click sometimes.. Like the dial will physically feel perfect, nice and positive, but if you're really jammin' and try to change ISO, aperture, or shutter speed really quick and you're rackin' the dials, it just doesn't register on some clicks, so if you click it 4 times to drop down 4 stops, it might only drop down 2 or 3, so you have to click it more. I tested another E-M1.1 in a store and it did the same thing.

The E-M1.1 w/grip feels much better in the hands than the E-M10.2 w/ its grip. Especially with the 75mm f/1.8. Put the 7-14,12-40, 12-100, or any of the Pro primes and it's matched perfect. On the E-M10.2, aside from the kit zooms or the 1.8 prime lenses, it seemed everything felt too big on the E-M10.2. The 1.8 primes now almost feel too small for the E-M1. I can see owning a 12-40 Pro in my future.

Image Quality

Looking at the RAW files, identical. Maybe more color noise on the E-M1.1, but to see it you have to turn off color NR in the RAW processor anyway, which never happens. DR is also the same. JPEGS whatever, don't know don't care.


Wow the viewfinder on the E-M1 sucks. It might be bigger, but the resolution is the same and it's got lousy color depth and it's impossible to really gauge the exposure on it without using a histogram. The OLED viewfinder on the E-M10.2 is leaps and bounds more useful, with actual black blacks. The blacks on the E-M1 finder are a gross gray.

The screen on the E-M1.1 has more green in it and is a little easier to see in the sun when set to the same settings as the E-M10.2.


E-M1.1 AF is in AF-S is identical to the E-M10.2, but AF-C so far seems to be very good in initial testing. I don't do BIF, but for non-sports people stuff I can tell it's going to be good. I always use the D4 in AF-C 9pt dynamic, and it's good to know 'll be able to essentially do the same thing on this camera.

Other Observations

The 1/2 switch on the back seems strange and redundant without much in the way of customization. Card write speeds are slow, boot up time is nice and short, IS is a little bit better on the E-M1, not enough to make or break a photo though, that story probably changes on the 12-100 or 300mm because it supports Sync IS.

Weather sealing is nice, I'm sure it's great, but I would never use this camera in that situation. If I'm really shooting something that lousy of weather, I'd be shooting the D4 for sure anyway. Lousy weather generally equals to dark weather, and the D4 is king of the hill in the dark.


In general, for $200 I like the E-M1 despite the abysmal viewfinder. With the grip, I will be much more comfortable shooting the odd and end daylight stuff where the D4 is either too loud, or just excessive for the situation.

That being said, considering the image quality, general responsiveness, viewfinder, card slot speed, I would have had a tough time justifying spending north of $1000 on this thing when the E-M10.2 is just so good.

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