Legacy Lenses for Micro Four Thirds

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Re: Legacy Lenses for Micro Four Thirds

Felice62 wrote:

Boss of Sony wrote:

In my opinion, you're wasting your time. Old manual lenses are fun to play around with, but there is no evidence that they will improve your photography skills.

no lense, either legacy or current will improve photography skills...

I agree

It's more likely that the extra time you will need to focus and play around with the lens will take time away from other things you could do that definitely would improve your photography skills.

I think 'playing around' might be one of the fundamentals...

These include:

1. Travel more. First rule of photography: find something worth photographing.

2. Look at more photographs taken by others (including those considered masters), and try to emulate photographs that you like.

focusing a moanual lens will not subtract that much tim...

I think it does. Another useful rule of photography is to shoot as many shots as possible. Pros do this, as it increases the likelihood of getting a larger number of better shots. Having to focus every single time will result in either fewer shots (probably much fewer shots), or longer time required for shooting.

3. Experiment more with different angles, perspectives and framing.

Can do with manual focus legacy lens as well

Yes, but using a legacy lens won't add anything. More likely, you can shoot more shots in the same amount of time if you don't need to focus. This could result in more angles.

4. Try to improve your judgement by trying to see your work objectively, or from the perspective of a third person.

nothing to do with legacy lens usage

5. Try different editing software or different editing methods.

6. Watch tutorials.

7. Buy better equipment (after you have done the above 6).




The truth is that legacy lenses won't add much value other than lot of fun. But photography can also be fun

Yes I agree. If fun is the objective, I recommend legacy lenses. Personally I think the main purpose of photography is fun.

However, if the only objective is better photos, I don't recommend legacy lenses.

A Sigma 60mm f2.8 can be had for $100 second hand. It will generally give better results than most legacy 50mm lenses, plus it will have AF.


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