Cheating with Black and White

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Cheating with Black and White

Okay, I understand that their are people who just love B/W, both shooting it, and viewing it, and of course that's fine. Different strokes. I've always been kind of a color freak myself, the more, and brighter color, the better. BTW, in MPO the best color for any sports car is lime green 😉

Anyway, once in a great while, I find myself in a photography situation which either does not have much color at all to begin with, and trying to pump up color which isn't really there looks lame (and still not vibrant enough for my personal tastes) OR, the colors are just plain ugly.

So this first shot of the new Bay Bridge is one in which the shipyard behind is "littered" with those hideous yellow/orange sodium vapor lights. Sure, one can desaturate the heck out of the yellow channel, but after that, theirs not much of any colors left anyway. So, with one click in PS, bam ! All color problems solved ☺

(Note to pixel peepers, Im not at home, so I grabbed these from my FB page, which often adds some artifacts due to compression)

Then, a couple months back, I was up at Lk. Tahoe, shooting Mt. Tallac. I tried to pump up what little color the scene had, but that just wasn't enough. Again, one click in PS, and all color problem solved ☺

Anyway, for myself, B/W is pretty much only used as an easy way out, when I'm faced with lame color, or no color. But at the same time, I used each of these two shots as my desktop on my home PC for a while, so yes, I kind of like them.

Anybody here feel the same way about B/W ? Or do you actually turn beautifully colorful shots into B/W just because your prefer B/W ?

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