Legacy Lenses for Micro Four Thirds

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Most points have been covered, but one point to note is that shorter focal length OM Zuikos generally have fins on the back, which need to be modified to use with Speedboosters. On dumb adapters there is no problem.

One more voice to the observation that using legacy lenses can be fun and can produce excellent results. I have used MFT for a year, but I've only used legacy lenses on Sony FF bodies: for example, an OM Zuiko 24 on a Sony a7 is small and as nicely balanced as on the older film bodies it was designed for. For landscape photography where you want to focus manually on a specific point and to get the depth of field as you want it this can be a great combination that can produce results that are as good as with modern lenses. Of course, there are times when a zoom, or autofocus is preferable, and then its better to use a modern lens.  But my reason for using MFT is when I want something compact, and modern MFT lenses have the advantage there, which is why I haven't used legacy lenses on my MFT camera. I did spend £10 on a cheap adapter, just in case I wanted to, but so far I haven't used it.

As with much else, whether legacy lenses are worth it depends on what you are trying to do, how much they cost, and whether you enjoy playing around with them.

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