Legacy Lenses for Micro Four Thirds

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Re: Helios

yonsito wrote:

Just to add to this extensive list of recommendations: my personal favourite is the Helios 44, an old russian 58mm/2.0 design (I have the 44-3).

I like it because it has a lot of character. I use it wide open for portraits. But stopped down it can be quite sharp, too. The lens is also known for its swirly bokeh.

The lens is quite affordable. I think I paid around 50€ for mine (plus the m42 adapter).

sharp in the centre

swirly bokeh

I have to smile when I see people enthusing about that lens.  It was on my first SLR - the Zenit E - which was a horrible thing.  I don't remember anybody having anything good to say about the lens at that time.

Nice photos, by the way!  (Perhaps I should rummage in the loft to see if I can find the old Zenit...)

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