Was thinking of selling/swapping my a99 II for a7R II

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Re: Some of the old Minolta lenses are spectacular.

Using the 28-105 Minolta lens last weekend, I actually like that range for a walk-around lens...so, B&H had a Sigma/Sony model in stock...should be here Friday.

I can't use anything longer than about 35mm on the short end and need some sort of zoom.

My normal use camera for Drag Racing, motorcycle racing outings is a 5D IV Canon with an old 35-350 L lens.  I wish Nikon and Sony had a similar lens, as its range is about perfect.

Yes, I know (and actually do have) that Canon and Nikon have their 28-300 lenses.  But detail wise...they don't stand up to the old Canon 35-350 L lens.

I'll give the new Sigma a workout this weekend (if I get it as promised !).


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