Focus, equipment, or paranoia?

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Re: Focus, equipment, or paranoia?

I'm looking at these on my phone so please keep that in mind.  The puffin shot is definitely not sharp when blown up.  It is difficult to say for sure what the cause is but it does look like heat waves might have been contributing to the softness.

I would try checking the focus calibration.  The easiest way in my opinion is to print a focus target and put it out at the distance where you think most of your shots will be.  Just take a guess.  Also make sure to place it where there is plenty of light and set your camera up on a sturdy tripod.  Then use live view and blow up the image to 10x mag and manually focus the lens to get the sharpest image you can at 600mm and f/6.3 and take a photo.  Then switch to auto-focus and let the camera use the phase detect AF (through the viewfinder) with just the center AF point active and focus on the target and take a few photos with the camera re-focusing each time.  If the majority of the images from the AF aren't as sharp as your manually focused shot then you probably could benefit from AFMA.

if calibration isn't an issue then I would suggest paying close attention to the lighting and try not to shoot in conditions when heat waves will be an issue,  be careful about your exposure, try to keep the sun at your back...  hopefully that will give you a more pleasant experience.

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