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Re: Hong Kong to Vancouver- Sunset

KKJohn wrote:

Jackttt wrote:

KKJohn wrote:

Jackttt wrote:

Amazing shots, and the post processing / color is so beautiful.

I loved it so much and its an inspiration for me for these type of shots.

well done.


Thank you for your kind words. The colours have a lot to do with the Fuji camera that I used. Didn't do that much PP, only a little added saturation of the JPEGs. The film simulation in camera was Velvia, which was always one of my favorite colour slide films from Fujichrome in the old days. It adds saturation and is great for sunsets and flowers and landscape scenes, tho have to be careful not to over do it.

Also, I was lucky to have such nice clouds and the timing of the sunset and lighting was perfect.

Yeah, Fuji's color is good. especially their film simulation.
looking froward to buying a Fuji in the future inf i find a used unit cheap, their camera looks is good and it is vert portable for street photography. (The x100 series).


I was interested in the X100 series as well, but a little over my budget. So I bought a X70 which was under $1K CAN. I really like it. It is small, similar to the X100 series, and goes with me everywhere all the time. I would recommend that, tho it seems Fuji will come out soon with an upgrade to this. It will be called the XF10, I believe. I would wait for that if i were you. It should be under $1K CAN.

I am now in Vancouver and have just booked the new Fuji XT100. It is bigger than the X70, but smaller than the XH1. It will be about $900 CAN with new 15-45 kit lens, which has gotten good reviews. I will try it out this summer as my street camera.

The Fuji XT-100 sounds like a winner, for it's price. As a Sony shooter myself, I feel that for those looking for APS-C and compact size sensor ILC, it is the most value for money at the moment, especially when we look at the excellence compact lens range from Fuji, especially the primes. Sony might have the technology inside their camera, but they lacked in terms of lens selection for their crop sensor range. DSLR in that sense while having good lens selection, their body size is quite big in size even for a cropped sensor body, which makes it out of the question for me, personally.

There's Panasonic as well. But i am not a fan of their ILC range, but I am interested with their compact zoom and super zoom which is very portable and affordable in comparison with much more expensive Sony compacts.


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