Legacy Lenses for Micro Four Thirds

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Re: Legacy Lenses for Micro Four Thirds

patrick_hg wrote:

Hi, I'm relatively new to photography and I'm looking to broaden my range of lenses, since all I've used in the last 6 months is the Olympus 45mm f1.7 on my EM-10 MkII.

I've looked into using legacy lenses which will allow me to improve my actual photography skill but I don't really know which lens models are good and which aren't. I'd also not really like to have to fork out hundreds of pounds since that's why I'm interested in legacy lenses in the first place as they don't cost a fortune yet you can still get good image quality.

I'd quite like a decent telephoto prime and possibly a 24/28mm prime so if anyone has any recommendations in line with those lenses or just any lenses that'd be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the world of fraud and decieving.

The legacy lens was good in their time. It was good when the digital era just emerged, when there was only a few good AF lens exist. When the slow ZD 50mm f2.0 costs more than $600 while the OM 50 f1.8 was only $50.

Now the clock is close to the year 2020. The new, good, small, fast AF lenses emerge, at reasonable price. The legacy MF lens becomes older and older after pass through tens of hands. The very good one of the thousands, which were made from the same batch, may pass through cycles of heat, cold, smoke, dust, dropping, bumping, etc, etc.

Hope it's still the good one. Hope the seller does not make it "like new". Hope this still-the-good-one that never passes through such cruel years may find its last place in your hand.

BTW, no legacy lens could improve one's skill. That's the truth.

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