A7RIII tethered with Capture One appears to be a car crash.

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A7RIII tethered with Capture One appears to be a car crash.

I'm having trouble tethering my licensed copy of C1 for Sony to my A7RIII. I guessed there'd be a learning curve, and I expected to sort out a few niggles, however, I'm reasonably technically literate, I know my way around the camera, C1, and Windows, but it's not working very well so I'm beginning to believe it just ain't gonna work out.

Here's some of what I experienced (and in no particular order) -

- Sometimes the PC connection leaves the camera in a USB locked state after USB is disconnected. There's no access to the Sony menu until the battery is ejected.

- I discovered that a powered USB hub is necessary, so not so convenient 'in the field'.

- Connectivity is sporadic at best. When connections are lost, I'm left with orphaned processes to kill.

- Live view drops out randomly even when ostensibly connected. Images can be written to file, but live view is dead as a dead thing.

- When (occasionally) connected, most functions in the live view window simply aren't functional. Sometimes (rarely) I can adjust say shutter speed, ISO or aperture, but most times, the +/- does zip.

- AF is crap, and (as above for other functions), any attempt at MF goes nowhere.

- I was forced to uninstall AVG and revert to Windows Defender simply in order to allow C1 file writes. Although AVG's documentation states that it's possible, the latest version of AVG Free has removed the management console that permits program exceptions.

I'd like it to work as I can see it would be useful for certain jobs, but it is simply hopeless as is. Has anybody had a more positive experience or can otherwise give me some insight/tips ?



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