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Using the 24mm TS allowed me to clear the cliff face and photograph the water directly below.

35mm f/1.4

85mm f/1.8

Hi Jody.

I have just returned from five weeks in Italy and took a slightly different tack with regards to lens choice which I’ll elaborate later. My itinerary started in Milan and from there, Bellagio, Bologna, Florence, Sorrento and day trips (I rented a Vespa) along the Amalfi Coast. From Sorrento I backtracked to Naples and took the overnight ferry to Palermo. Then by train to Agrigento, Catania, the island of Lipari including a day trip to Stromboli to climb the volcano before winding my way back to Rome. Generally I stayed in each location for a minimum of three nights. The main thing I would recommend is to keep your camera in your bag unless you are actually shooting. You might think this is to avoid advertising your shiny new Sony to those with dishonorable intentions but I did it to avoid incurring any damage sustained

No perspective correction in post necessary!  24mm T/S

to the camera body and lens in the event of a trip; stumble or fall. This is quite likely given the unevenness of pavements, paves, roads and any other surface you walk on. Steps in towers are often uneven and irregularly spaced so all in all there is a good chance you could trip. Taking the camera in and out of the bag (I have the ONA leather bag which, while heavy, worked really well) and attaching and detaching lenses is a pain but the alternative does not bear thinking about.

The lenses I took with my Sony A7 RII were: 35mm f/1.4; an 85mm f/1.8 and the lens which I easily used most often - a Canon 24 mm f/3.5 tilt shift coupled with a Metabones adapter.  The ability to be able to get correct perspectives when photographing buildings and other structures coupled with the option of using the shift function to create frames later to be stitched into a panorama, not to mention allowing me to shoot ‘over’ the people in front was a godsend.  Here are a few images taken with all three lenses. I’ll be posting a lot more on my website ( in the next day or two and some are already up on my Instagram account (@davidcollopy).  One other tip: be very careful changing lenses as the mirror less cameras attraction to dust is the camera’s Achilles heel. Make sure you take a rocket blower with you. It is vital!

24mm TS

Panorama from four individual images 24mm T/S

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