Canon 5D Mk 4 Dual Card Recording

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Canon 5D Mk 4 Dual Card Recording

I'm basing this question on the way in which my 5D Mk3 recorded to two cards. I have set the dual card slot to auto switch cards which I believe meant that it would use the CF Card first and then switch to the SD card if the CF was full.

Card menu setup is:

Record Func. Auto Switch Card

Record Play 1 (CF Card Logo)

Folder 100EOS5D

1 RAW (logo) 2 RAW (logo)

I went out a week ago and shot all morning and when I got home I checked the CF card using a card reader and it was empty. Luckily, all of the images were on the SD card. So, I checked the setup and it says it is set to CF card and to 'Auto Switch Cards'. So I formatted both cards thinking maybe there was an issue with the CF card and the next time I went out it shot to the CF card okay.

Last weekend I went away and formatted both cards before shooting. I started to shoot some wildlife and found that over the period of two days and about 900 images, 400 had recorded to the SD and 500 to the CF and they had recorded randomly i.e. they hadn't recorded 400 then 500 images respectably, they were switched about some to SD then some to CF etc.

My cards are different speeds and capacities, the CF is a Sandisk Extreme Pro 100MB/s UDMA7 128GB and the SD is a Sandisk Extreme 45 MB/s 16GB

So, this leads me to ask the question, as opposed to the Mk 3 does the Mk 4 have the ability to know that if you are shooting an single shot then it doesn't necessarily need to use a fast card whereas if I'm set to faster shutter and continuous mode it may need to use the faster CF?

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Thank you in advance

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