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FMayra wrote:

Hi everyone,

I like photographing but clearly I’m not an expert, I’m actually just starting.

Decide to spend some money and buy a decent camera for a beginner. My first and only dslr I worked it so far it’s a Sony a200, old but really like her.

Trying to decide in between 3 diferente brands more or less same prices as qualities. Any suggestions?

Sony a68K

Nikon D3400

Canon 2000D

Try them all. Buy which you like most. The A68 isn't actually a DSLR. It has an electronic viewfinder and an AF system that works through a pellicle mirror, which eats about 1/3 the light, giving it a noise disadvantage with respect to the other two. Might not be important to you, but possibly worth knowing. Also it might be worth noting that the A mount system to which it belongs doesn't have as extensive a lens range as the Canon or Nikon, and will not get any larger, since it's effectively been supplanted by Sony's E mount system.

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