Fantasy edit help please

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Fantasy edit help please

My friend Kat did her first shoot as a "photographer" with her son. The theme was a "dragon head" created by our mutual fiend Olga, and one of Kat's body suits (Kat is actually a wardrobe designer). I set up lights in the living room and she took a few hundred shots. Here are some samples. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly she started to crop reasonably tightly in the viewfinder. She certainly gravitated to the camera in spades and said that shooting with a camera was much nicer that shooting with a cell phone.

She wants a "fantasy theme" .... however I am toatally non-createive in this direction (I do "reality" editing). Therefore I ask you assistance .... could you please suggest some fantasy edits consistent with the wardrobe theme and tell me what you did so I can properly be inspired to follow your inspiration -- she was less than happy with my "reality ediitng" (which IMHO is not too shabby but seldom has any art flair). Your editing ideas can be as wild or tame as desired ... If you are willing, choose an image and be creative with editing

I tend to avoid things like NIK since it seldom does things I like. IMHO it is only really good with "structure" - the colour manipulations seem overly cookie-cutter. Part of this exercise will be to help Kat learn Photoshop and it would be excellent to do some proper PSD images so she can learn. Hopefully I can be inspired to expand my editing abilities.

please help a few unedited different poses that might be reasonable-- all full frame from the camera - indeed she definitely crops in-camera. Kat is most interested to see some cool editing ideas....






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