RX10 OG in 2018

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Re: RX10 OG in 2018

Thank you!

I agree that gear doesn´t really matter, most camera´s on the market today are capable of achieving great results. The rx10 series quite often get flack for their small 1 inch sensor, but the lens is making up for that quite a bit in my opinion. In fact I just bought a second hand a6000 with kitlens and from the first tests it looks like the rx10 is sharper at every f stop at base iso. Could be that I have a rubbish kitlens, but it´s impressive nevertheless. The a6000 beats the rx10 in dynamic range though. In the end I´ll buy a a7rii or riii because those camera´s are just unbeateble for landscapes, but untill then I´ll be happily shooting with my rx10.
Printing isn´t an issue either, I just got this image back from a printservice as a 60cm by 45cm print and it looks fantastic! Will make a nice housewarming gift for a friend.

`Connecting with nature`.
A touch overprocessed to compensate for the muting done by the printerprofile

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