Tenba Cooper Slim 13 vs Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13

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Re: Tenba Cooper Slim 13 vs Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13

Cool, thanks for the review and thanks for the response. How many of the one sided dividers are there? In videos I don't see any... and just to make sure, by one sided velcro we are talking about 1 out of the 4 corners having velcro, right? So that it only attaches to one point, so that it actually rests on the lens when something is on top of it?
I don't know if I'm too happy about the two front pockets that can't be closed (?), my current bag has those and stuff keeps falling out (well, it has velcro, but it doesn't stick anymore). I usually have my bag in the footwell for my car, so if I brake or corner it may fall over, spilling the content. In that regard I like the PD more. I don't mind a quick adjusting strap, it's better than my bag where it's much harder to adjust, but still slips (due to wear I guess).

At my place they are usually about the same price. The Tenba is reduced right now, but I can also pick up a PD that was returned by a customer for about the same price (V1... V2 I would have to wait a bit, so right now it's more expensive.

It's possible that V2 has fixed the side pockets a bit, which would make me lean towards it again. And I like having various options of making it stick to the body. Then again, with the Tenba it's not as necessary?

In terms of design I think both are cool. The PD stands out a bit more as a stylish bag (which is also very rare at my place... I don't think I have seen one in the wild yet!). As long as it doesn't attract thieves I'm fine with that. I'm ok with something a tad more flashy. And the Cooper 13 looks quite bulky... I might actually go for the slim, as apart from width (missing 2 cm) it is significantly bigger than my current bag. I think I should be able to fit everything nicely.

Anyway, I think I'll go for the Tenba and get something to organize SD cards etc. (though having it be part of the bag wouldn't hurt). The side pockets are just too important, it's a shame PD sacrificed those for style, and from what I read they even reduce space inside the bag, despite being not very useful. Not having them at all may have been better. The zipper idea could have worked wonders... flat and neat when not in use, but when you do need it, you can use it.

One more question: How flexible is it? Can it be slimmer when there's not much in it, or is it stiff (the PD seems to be stiff...).

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