Legacy Lenses for Micro Four Thirds

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Re: Legacy Lenses for Micro Four Thirds

jeffharris wrote:

There have been manual native M4/3 lenses since nearly the beginning. Voigtländer, Samyang, Rokinon and SLR Magic are the most obvious manufacturers. Tokina makes a 300mm f6.3 mirror lens they call a macro lens. I have a number of native M4/3 manual lenses, in addition to my adapted manual lenses.

Yup. I had a 25mm f0.95 and it was lovely as I'm sure are the others in that range but they are on the expensive end of things. I don't know about the others you mention but when I posted I was thinking more of the cheaper new manual lenses from 7artisans and Meike and probably others too which are in some case almost rivaling some of the legacy lenses price wise.

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