Tenba Cooper Slim 13 vs Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13

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Re: Tenba Cooper Slim 13 vs Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13

I'm having the same problem, almost. Deciding between the Tenba Cooper 13 and the Everyday Messenger 13.

My big problem is: At most I carry a 12" tablet or 13" MBP, a mid sized DSLR and a MFT camera. Plus lenses. 5 of them, more may be added eventually. None of them are big, with one pancake lens and only one that's more than 10 cm high. I also need to bring a water bottle (a slim one but relatively long one would usually do) for example, and lots of smaller items like a powerbank, cables, chargers, ...

The Peak Design should let me stack my lenses nicely AND give me quick access to them, which is great. Especially in version 2, though that one is quite expensive still.

However the side pockets seem to be useless, and I don't like how the whole bag seems to be really stiff instead of conforming to my body. The latter should spread out weight better.

With Tenba I get closer to my current bag, it's flexible, has good side pockets (yay water bottle!) that look like they can be even used for open coke bottles as a convenient way to store it when at an event.

But then there's the stacking of lenses. There are enough dividers supplied I guess, but how would I go about accessing the lenses? With PD I just fold open the divider, grab the lens, change it, put the other lens back in and fold back. Done. Awesome. Perfect. But with the Tenba? Won't I have to rip out the divider just in order to access my lens? I swap them frequently, which ruined the sides of my current bag. The velcro just won't stick anymore. Plus the noise it makes. It's just so terribly inconvenient.

I did read somewhere that these smaller dividers on the Cooper 13 only have velcro on on side, but I couldn't find any confirmation on that, and what little videos and photos there are didn't show this portion of the bag. If it is indeed this case, I'll put my order down immediately.

Unfortunately there are no shops nearby that carry either bag.

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