F/W 4.1 'LOCK' fn icon not now available in EVF/screen?

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Re: F/W 4.1 'LOCK' fn icon not now available in EVF/screen?

Thanks everyone! I'm afraid it's more complicated than it seems as the X-T2 has two separate, very different lock functions!

The first is, as pointed out by several folk here (many thanks!), and found by holding the ‘Menu OK’ button for a few seconds, locks the Q menu and the 4 way controller and places a clear ‘Locked’ symbol in the EVF. This is very useful but it doesn’t lock all the controls.

However, there is a second, much more versatile, ‘Lock’ function (spanner, button dial settings, page 3 LOCK). This gives the option to either lock:

A) virtually everything on the camera (USE WITH GREAT CARE!)


B) much more usefully, to select which functions (from 5 pages of choices!) to lock e.g. Drive mode, Photometry or a function key etc, etc, etc! I find this very useful during a shoot as it seems so easy (for me at least) to accidentally move one of the controls or function keys and end up with lots of useless photos.

It is this latter ‘LOCK function which could very usefully have a ‘LOCKED’ icon in the EVF as it is vital to know if it is on or off should you wish to change a function – such as ISO etc etc.

Sadly, the X-T2 with F/W 4.1 doesn’t seem able display a locked function icon when this more powerful LOCK is set to on.

Usefully, this comprehensive LOCK function can be set as a function button, but be careful! When you press it, if it displays ‘UNLOCK’ it really means it is unlocked because if you then press the function button thinking ‘I’ll press this to unlock everything’ it goes into the locked mode! The legend really should read ‘UNLOCKED’ so that it shows the current state of the lock function. Confused? You may well be so do play with it before you use it in anger! This is why it needs a clear icon in the EVF.


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