Legacy Lenses for Micro Four Thirds

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Re: Legacy Lenses for Micro Four Thirds

I used legacy lenses with m43 for years before discovering how good Olympus and Panasonic AF lenses are. The 2X crop factor essentially changes the lens performance and often spoils it. You can only really go by reviews from people that are using m43 also because the characteristics that people like on FF are diminished on m43.

That said a 50mm legacy lens will give you a cheap and decent portrait lens. So if you do a little portraiture but not enough to spend a lot of money for a fast m43 lens then adapting might be a good idea.

To get the most from legacy glass you really want FF - something like the Sony A7 series. If you don't want to have 2 systems then speedboosters are an option but they are not cheap. In there favor they reduce the crop factor and make the lens aperture faster so they can give you a unique look not found elsewhere.

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