Sigma 14-24mm 2.8 art uneven sharpness

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Re: Sigma 14-24mm 2.8 art uneven sharpness

A quick look at your pictures doesn't indicate me that your lens is faulty, seems in good shape honestly. One has to understand that a complex wa as this lens is, has very complex field curvature characteristics which may change the perceived sharpness depending on distance, and structure details. But the main issue is, that a small oof element in the picture may look very bad since astigmatism gets into play which simply doesn't look as an oof thing  but as a meshed element. This is true even if the element is at infinity. For instance if you take a photo of a city in 1 km and there is an element at 500mm at the side of the picture , this element may look oof due to field curvature characteristics. Even a minor mount problem which is not visible with other lenses may be exaggerated in a wa zoom. Even a small temperature change can change the lens micro-behaviour. That's why till now I avoid to buy a wa zoom, because although seem very nice to have I'm sure I'll face such situations.

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