Lumix LX100 vs Ricoh GrII for low light?

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Re: Lumix LX100 vs Ricoh GrII for low light?

MalcolmD99 wrote:

i have asked about low light shooting with the Simas on the Sigma forum and some say they are fine shooting at high up to 800 or 1600 iso. If you are doing black and white then noise is not as much an issue...I asume with experience from none sigma cameras.

I saw your post in the Sigma forum & almost posted a *very* in-depth response to it but got pulled away. Sigma and Ricoh are the only to forums I spend any considerable time in.

What you need to understand about Sigma cameras is that they are ISO-less. There is no analog boost stage, and they record every image at "ISO 100" so to speak. ISO is then a tag in the file to boost the image in the digital realm (software boost).

Basically it's like ISO 100 film with push processing. ISO 1600 is "pushed" 4 stops.

They also record in something akin to LAB color - where luminosity is maintained in shadow areas, but A/B (color) is not - and there is no difference between shadow areas a & high ISO for the reason stated above.

I use Sigma, Ricoh, Sony and Fuji (and Panasonic and Olympus and Nikon and...)...

This is my summary of the above systems.

Fuji does color better than anyone. The SOOC images are the best of any system I've used, which makes it my go-to camera for most situations.

Sony with manual focus (vintage) lenses is a dream. The manual focus aids are excellent and I love using it with manual focus lenses - colors are less good than the Fuji, but I use it for the lenses I can put on it & not for the sensor & mostly shoot it in black & white. Basically I use it for shallow depth of field work & to use with my massive vintage lens collection.

Sigma does detail better than anyone.... Megapixels aside, the images have a 3D "punch" to them (Merril generation) I don't really see from other cameras, at least not without considerable post processing. Yes the Fuji X-Pro2 and the Sony A7R3 that I own do detail well - but they don't look like the Merrill files (the Quattro files - I could take or leave).

Of the three, I'd recommend the Fuji. It's the one I use the most - my Merrill stays at home 99.9% of the time and either the Fuji (good colors) or Sony (for vintage lenses) come out, and then the Merrill comes out only for very specific purposes.

Ricoh is great - colors are great SOOC, and "snap" focus makes it the only true street camera on the market, though I'm happy to shoot my Sony (vintage glass) for street work because I enjoy manual focus & vintage lenses for street work - though I'd prefer the Fuji for the quieter shutter (though the newer Sonys have an all electronic shutter for truly silent photos).

Incidentally, Sigma also have a near-silent leaf shutter like the Ricoh.

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