Big learning curve with Lightroom

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Re: Big learning curve with Lightroom

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I'm on the opposite spectrum, when I started using Lightroom I taught myself and found it to be pretty straightforward. 🤷‍♂️

it was obvious the OP had no intention of using Lightroom and simply wanted to gripe about perceived issues

Possibly so. Honestly I feel like once you do a function in LR once, like import photos, that's all you need. It's really not difficult if you give its due time. As someone mentioned above, it's no different than getting used to a smartphone or another piece of software.

It should be mentioned that one of the characteristics of smartphones is that they can be quite difficult to use for making old fashioned phone calls until you work out the details, and those details aren't as obvious as they should be.

See, this i don't understand. every smartphone i've ever used you turn on, then there's an icon of a phone, you press it and the keypad comes up in which you dial. i don't know how much more straightforward that can be on a phone with a touchscreen? my mom is 70, the biggest non tech person i know and once we showed her how to make a call, send a text, etc and she tried it once or twice she was off and running.

Just as you said... "We showed her...  she tried it once or twice... "

- It does sound as though she would not have been able to make an emergency call without prior instruction.

I'm quite comfortable using various types of smartphone (even though I have a few years on your mom), but I prefer to use a phone that only does telephony and text using simple buttons. (Less expensive too).

I'm not saying that I had any trouble using LR, it's just that it seemed less intuitive than it should have been. It's been a while, but I recall some confusion about finding images that had already been imported, when all I wanted to do was do some minor adjustments to a few images and I didn't care about catalogs etc.

I now use Affinity Photo.

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