My D500 handled a job where my E-M1 Mk II overheated and shut down

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Re: Predictable Limitation

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Eric Nepean wrote:

Brian's shoot this year was 15993 shots taken at 10fps, over a period of 5.5 hours.

15993 shots taken at 10 fps takes about 26 minutes (not continuously of course).

The here were about 3500 riders, assume on average a group of 5 and say 2 seconds of focus and compose time before shooting. That's about 23 minutes.

Focus and Compose + Shooting time is about an hour.

That leaves about 4.5 hours of resting time, average interval about 20 seconds long.

(Holy smokes - Brian you were working hard!!)

Compare the function of the D500 and the EM1:

When the E-M1 is working (preparing for and taking images) it's running IBIS, Autofocus and continually generating an image on the viewfinder or monitor or in memory (taking an image). For much of the remaining 4.5 hours, it's still continually generating an image on the viewfinder or monitor.

When the D500 is preparing to take an image, its running autofocus. When its taking images, its doing image generation and conversion and VR. For the remaining 4.5 hours, its resting.

Heat Dissipation Capability

Electronic devices dissipate heat in two ways - radiation and convection.

Photographers get annoyed when your product dissipates heat into their hands. That burning sensation is not considered a feature.

That leaves the top and bottom surfaces of the camera body to dissipate heat. Not surprisingly, these are typically the metal parts.

Looking at the top view of the D500 and the EM1mkii from the top, the D500 has 1.5x - 2x the surface area of the EM-1 mkii. Comparison of the bottoms is likely about the same.


The E-M1 has electronic functions that run (and consume power) for a longer period of time, and has less ability to dissipate heat.

No surprise that the D500 was more resilient than the E-M1.

This is a very interesting comment. Which beg the question: Is there a way to set the camera to minimize overheating? Probably with the SS used, the OP can turn the IBIS off. Maybe set AF to engage when the the shutter is half pressed. Turning off the LCD or the brightness down?

Would any of these actually make a considerable difference?

Also it probably takes less energy to control VR than to physically move the sensor....

Btw, 10 days like that and you'll need to replace the shutter.

IBIS could be turned off by turning the switch on the 12-100/4.0, its all or nothing on that lens. Don't use the LCD and have it turned in. I always use shutter button AF. Probable should have considered going to mechanical shutter. It's water over the bridge now as the D500 will be the camera of choice for that particular event.

Brian, hopefully it's water underthe bridge for you .....

I'm curious, did you feel the camera grip or the camera knobs getting hot? I would at least expect the knobs and buttons on the top to get rather warm.

But for others perhaps it's a useful discussion point, and I think we have found one of the lesser known limitations of M43 as a whole.

I have noticed on other M43 cameras that turning off the monitor will extend the battery life, less power in = less heat out (or more technically, lower rate of heat dissipation)

It's very likely that it would improve the situation somewhat if the monitor were turned off.

I'm not so sure that the electronic vs mechanical shutter will make much difference, I have seeen a number comments (and observed myself) that on various M43 cameras, the battery life is much more influenced by use of the live view than the number of images taken.

By monitor I'm assuming LCD monitor. I have it off and turned in. Didn't notice anything usual as far as the grip or the buttons were concerned, but then I didn't see the overheat warnings until just before the camera shut down. When you got bicycle riders coming in like crazy you're too busy to notice anything else. If I had stayed with the E-M1.2 this year I would have been more cognizant of the overheating issues. I agree with that part on battery life is more influenced by live view. I estimate I have continuous 2.5 hours battery life, whether I take one picture or 4,000 pictures.

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