Any 23 mm prime for DX?

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Re: Any 23 mm prime for DX?

Vera Cognome wrote:

briantilley wrote:

fPrime wrote:

Nope, a fast 23mm DX prime would be a solid seller for Nikon but they refuse to do it.

How do you know this? I'm guessing that Nikon's product planners are more aware of potential sales volumes than you are.

You just don't understand, Brian. dpreview is just full of experts who know better than Nikon. Just ask them. They don't need data, they just know. All of the marketing people at Nikon are the Japanese analogs to "Mad Men," and the executives are deliberately sabotaging product lines while lying to investors.

Why are you so negative? Nikon regularly surprises everyone with ground breaking products, among them D700, D750, D500, D850. They also offer great lenses for any budget, like 180-400, 200-500, 70-300, ..., 16-80, ... 10-20, ... that work like a charm with Nikon bodies. At the moment Nikon is pioneering lightweight tele lenses: 300 f/4 and the upcoming 500 f/5.6.

This means to me that Nikon has some very smart photo enthusiasts that maybe not always but very often lead to the right and forward thinking decisions. I think we can trust them if they conclude that there is no market for expensive DX primes for the time being.

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