How high ISO are you comfortable with on D500

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Re: Auto ISO

uncleskull wrote:

Since you basically shooting action, I would set the camera to M, determine a safe shutter speed to freeze the action, a f/stop to give you reasonable DOF and let AUTOISO do it’s thing. Given proper exposure and some PP noise reduction, you should come away with a good portfolio. I would rather have a bit of grain in a good, sharp photo than a blurred, useless one with no grain.

This seems like the obviously right answer.

Sure, I want to use a low ISO.  In fact, the lowest ISO possible.  But that's exactly what AUTO ISO does.

When ISO 51,200 is called for, you have three options: (1) shoot at 51,200, (2) don't take the photo because you don't like shooting above ISO 3200 (or whatever), and (3) change the shutter speed (or aperture) and get a garbage picture shot at your preferred ISO.  Early on, I'd experiment with option #3.  Now I've concluded that option #1 is the only real choice.

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