My first prime (Sony A6000)

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Re: My first prime (Sony A6000)

Ken Sills wrote:

Don't buy a prime lens. Rather, buy the new Sony 18-135 zoom. Then you will an all purpose lens that you can leave mounted on your A6000 all the time. Do you really want to fiddle with mounting and unmounting lenses while you're touring?

That said, for low light situations I would next buy the new Sigma 16mm f1.4.


Well I respectfully disagree with you, why spending any money on an zoom lens which is not better then the kitlens itself. It has the same variable aperture, it does not bring anything new to his way of photography. Maybe in the far future if he wants to size down his equipment and can live without the 210mm it can be an option.

Whats the point of having an interchangeable lens camera when the counter argument is “fiddle with mounting and unmounting lenses” in mine opinion u just bought the wrong camera. My personal preference are 3 lenses for traveling with the APS-C Mirrorless body, it keeps it small enough to carry around and gives u enough opportunities you can and will take photos off.

I just bought the Sigma 30mm F1.4 and love the performance, sharpness, contrast, skintones(if thats a thing?) and the big range of the aperture which provide so much more then just another zoom lens. People in general wait to long before getting a prime lens the only advise i can give them is to make the purchase the same time they bought the body(camera) itself.

IMO the Sigma 30 f1.4 is more for photography on the A6000, it still doable with video but the Sony 35 1.8 with OSS would be taking the edge in this competition. That being said combining the Sigma 30 f1.4 with an A6500 or A7000 in the future would be that much better. The autofocus on the Sigma is good enough and will probably be better on a newer Sony body.

To make it even easier, it all depends what you as an photographer want to shoot, this will let u know what gear u need and should get.

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