My D500 handled a job where my E-M1 Mk II overheated and shut down

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Re: A simple question

NCV wrote:

Why did you need to take 16,000 pictures of this five-hour event?

What you did is not “photography” but spray and pray “shooting”. I am sorry to be harsh but that is what it is. I know this “machine gun camera” technique is now the way a lot of “photo journalists” now work.

If we take your 16000 pictures in 5 hours that gives us 1 photo every 0.89 seconds; pure folly. I cannot imagine you even managed to register in your mind what you were shooting.

I once worked for a news magazine and for a major theatre in Italy. For a Ballet which was considered to have a high wastage rate 10 films or 360 frames usually got the job done, a football match might need 5 films or 180 frames. Most editorial jobs needed just one film or 36 frames.

Ballet school shoots might need 15 rolls or 540 frames to get at least one good shot of each student with a school with about 100 students.

With the film is free mantra and 1000 shots fired off to photograph the simplest subject, I have not seen a corresponding rise in the quality of the photography I see in the media. If anything standards have dropped as many do not really look critically at what they are shooting.

The solution to your EM1 overheating problem is to shoot more carefully and to shoot far less and actually look at what you are photographing.

So you need 5.4 frames per subject and the OP needs only 4.7 (16000/3400), but you claim he is guilty of 'spray and pray'?

Classic rude and wrong posting!!!

Take the shame 😂

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